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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Part I

Part II

"Can I have a drag or may be an extra cigarette you got", I asked.
"Sure", she said with the live cigarette clutched under the lips as her hands went searching for the packet of death rolls in the bag she was holding.
"Here you go", she said while putting the lit on as I sucked the first puff of a new roll.
Though I too saw the visual of tar clinging on my lungs but as I took the first drag the visuals slowly vanished in my mind like smoke in the air.
I quickly took another drag and realised that whatever I was thinking few minutes back was nothing more than bull shit and here lies the life full of pleasures, between my fingers.
"Want a joint?"
Her voice broke my euphoria.
"Sure as hell", I said.
"We can't prepare here"
"Let's get off the next stop"
A Little smile came to our face when we looked at the bus conductor's expression after getting off the bus three stops before the actual stop we paid for. Our eyes went searching for a nice, silent and lone place to actually prepare an illegal stuff we were holding.
"You keep looking around while I prepare", she said. I nodded. But soon realized I couldn't let my eyes of her. She neatly tore apart two cigarettes and pull all the tobacco in my palm. Then she took two match stick with a small clayish ball held to the flamesh part of the stick. She took out the lighter and burn the ball for few seconds and then crushed the ball into small pieces over tobacco. She looked experienced. The mixture is taken from me soon. Few of the particles get stucked into the hands as if they were saying not to smoke us. I tried to rub my palms to get the remains of tobacco and put it on the bundle which was now in her hand. She neatly took out a rizla paper, a filter was set at the bottom of the paper as she started pouring the mixture in it. Finally we had a joint prepared. Just a three inches tall, had such powers inside it, can't just imagine.
"Initiate", she said to me.
Without wasting any more time I took the joint, put into my mouth. She lit with her lighter and smiled.
The first drag was cool. It gave the hint of herbs inside my mouth. It felt as if I'm doing a bonefire in the middle of jungles and that scent of trees with wet soil you get. I took another drag before passing the joint to her. She was still smiling. Her smile soon faded away with a look of desperation as she took a deep puff inside her.
We didn't talk for next fifteen minutes. And the joint finally started talking.
"Goooood stuff", I said.
"Yea, can imagine from your eyes", she witted.
I put on her black aviator which was resting by my side. She laughed which ended in a cough.
"Famished as hell. You wanna eat something", I asked.
She started laughing aloud and coughing hard. I put off the aviator in a hope that she would stop laughing. My naked yet influenced eyes saw a rainbow on the road.
"What is this rainbow doing on the road? Who threw it down", I asked while scratching my head.
She was still laughing. The trees nearby started laughing too but they were not coughing like her. The flashy green leaves seemed as if someone just washed them. The nature around us seemed so sparkling as if I was watching a lucid dream. I wanted to ask her if this seemed only to me. I looked around but she was no there. I was still hearing her laughs but she was out of my sight. The rainbow had gone too. Instead there was this lizard. A big lizard on the road. The big lizard was crossing the road slowly. I looked around if some heavy vehicle is coming. That could be dangerous to lizard. I was worried untill I heard her voice.
"Come here you"
"Well, O.K but ....where the hell are you!", I inquired
The laughing started again. This time the bench was laughing too, with the trees. I looked around and finally I could see her waving hands to me. I signaled her that I'm coming. She was still waving.
"You disappeared! How have you been?", I asked.
"I just met that bus conductor, he came to refund our money", she said. Her voice blur.
"You are high", I said as I laughed,"And I'm hungry"
"I just saw subway across the road. Hey, see, see its moving. Let's go", she said excitingly and started running  . I grabbed her arm.
"Wait....wait....Its written on the bus and the bus is moving", I clarified. "But I think a market is back there. Let's go"
Some kind of waves were floating all over my face and going into the head and coming back to the face and settling at somewhere in the back of my eyes. Eyes felt heavy. I knew we both were high. But hungry too.
"Hold my hand and be careful while crossing the road. Lizards are out there", I warned. She laughed.
We crossed the road.
"Look, there is the place", I said signalling forward and a little above our heights.
"Nahhhhh, they are giving joints, we already had one", she replied with her eyes closed and face tired.
"Its a Food Joint", I said ....'Food' in a high tone.
She didn't bother. I went to the food joint and ordered couple of burgers and a large coke. Why is it when you don't have any change in your pocket and the bill comes in an un-round off value. As I was high so I didn't bother. Though it felt like giving tip while on a self-service. As I took the plate and turn around, i saw a huge crowd close to the road. As I was high so i didn't bother. I feel like the best part of being high is that you just don't bother. I look around for my accompanier, that girl for whom I wasted my bus ticket, moreover my time, my money, my body and my lungs. But most importantly i was feeling like heaven. She was out of my sight, again. I again forgot to ask her name. I looked around but she was not there. After few minutes of intoxicated-eye searching, i heard a voice from the crowd.
"Is she drunk"
"This seemed to be a suicide"
"There is no note"

A ran into the crowd and saw a body lying on the road. The body was upside down. That black jean and that blue top were the same color combinations she was wearing. I was in doubt. I wanted to see the face. I looked into the crowd. After couple of minutes I saw her standing right in front of me as a part of the crowd. I felt a sigh of relief. I closed my eyes and thanked to god. She was smiling while looking at me. Then I realized that i'm seeing her face in everybody's face. I turn around and she was everywhere, smiling like she ate both burgers and i'll die famished. Then I heard someone saying that the vehicle which hit her just ran away.
The traffic police approached few minutes later following an ambulance. They declared her dead. I had her burger in my hand. And a half coke. As they turn around the body I saw her vanished into the crowd and rather laid over the dead body. The face was as fresh as hour ago when she was preparing the joint for us.

The police were trying to get in touch of someone who knew her. They opened her purse with a motive to search some clues about her. A packet with black clay came out as if it wanted to fly away to someone else. I suddenly forgot about the demise and wanted to get hold of that clay. Though i realized that this is thing which made me holding those burgers while she died. This was the power of herbs.

I curse myself of stepping back from the crowd that day. I ate the burgers alone with teary eyes. I threw away the coke though. And went back to my house and pretend nothing happened. I never knew this thing would change my entire life.

To be continued.........

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Roll of Death

A Roll of Death-

(Part I)

Odd things come handy to eyes. An uncomfortable scene or a different picture grabs your eyes and attention. Something similar happened few minutes ago. She had one clutched in her palms. Pinkishness of her lips were holding a roll of paper which can turn them black, she never knew. She watched a small, yellow flame settled, and when the end of her cigarette glows she puts the lighter into her bag. Sucking all of it in and her cheeks pull it in so tightly, her bones looked like a scrawny chicken wings. Her eyes went closed and so deeply sunken into her forehead you can barely see them. And when she breathed out, her whole body shivered and I wondered Why? Pleasure? What kind of pleasure? It's hard to tell. Even though the live cigarette was beneath her lips, she was smiling. It was like she was getting a sweet taste of hard grey smoke. The dimples at the corner of her mouth were visible. The smoke-machine was placed in between her middle and index finger as she blows out a small cloud of grey smoke. She coughs!

One, twice....thrice!!

It became intense as she clutched her stomach and coughed. I thought she might get sick.


Finally it stopped, the coughing. And she was sucking on her cigarette again. Pleasure floating all over her face and settling somewhere in back of her eyes. But her eyes are closed. I closed mine, too. I was visualizing how the tar clinging to her lungs and slowly luring her to death. I see the smoke suppressing her heart, making the face look grayish black and enveloping it in grey dust. How something so small can do this much to you, I wondered. Its just two or may be three inches long. But actually its not the length but the matter inside it what matters, when burnt, can lessen the organs inside the body. Its practically Death In A Paper Roll. A Death, in a roll!

I opened my eyes and found her eyes were open too., and she was watching me. Our eyes locked as she was gazing me, took a slow drag and puffs out the smoke as if to my face. She was disgusted by me, and I by her. But that was how it should be. She quickly took another drag and threw the bud before puffing out the smoke inside her mouth. Throwing the cigarette bud looked to me as if her body was throwing her lungs out.

Suddenly she reached inside her bag and before I could turn my back on, a cigarette was in her hands again, a lighter was in the other. I closed my eyes after seeing the contents on her hands and started walking towards her as if my body got reflexed. Now faster, more faster untill I was there. Right beside her, so close that I can see stubble underneath her eyebrows where she was in need of another wax. She grinned, smirked.


Friday, September 9, 2011

An Untimely Visitor- I N S P I R A T I O N

Why? Why must inspiration come to me at such an inconvenient time?

I can't write right now. I'm busy. This is neither the time nor the place for you to visit. Inspiration, can't you see I'm in the middle of doing something else? Moreover, I've no pen! No paper! No laptop, no desktop is within my reach now. Go away and come back later. I won't speak to you now.
"Think Big Thoughts But Relish Small Pleasures"
Seriously, why couldn't you come to me on Saturday after-nights or may be Sunday afternoons. That would have been the perfect time. I was all set to write- besides nobody was at home. Pure silence, full concentration, the focus was there too. You liked him. No? I know. Or Are you both meeting at some other place and not mine?  This focus always keep silent when you're not with us. I was ready for you, then. I had everything prepared. I really wanted you to come. But I just waited....

But nooo, you had better things to do. No? Did you have fun?. Oh, don't you even try lying to me. I know you were with Chetan Bhagat. Do you think I'm blind. I saw what he posted on twitter that day. He just completed his fifth novel and is releasing in October named 'Revolution 2020'. Novel? And I ask for short stories. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
"You Can't Please Everybody. Don't Let Criticism Worry You"
Now, go away. I don't have the time or desire at the moment. See, this is me, ignoring you! Leave. Now!


Well....on second thought, wait! I want you to stay. Yes, stay! You owe me, miss. Stay right here until I'm done with my work. I don't care if you never come on time.You stood me up before, and you're gonna do the same thing now. Stay! I'll be back.
"The Person Who Really Wants To Do Something Finds A Way. Others Find Excuses" 

Alright, Inspiration. Now I can pay attention to you. So, what have you got for me? Inspiration? Are you there? Inspiration? Where did you go? Oh hell, come back. I didn't mean it. I wasn't actually mad at you, I promise. Inspiration, can have all of my love and attention from now on. My love is better than Chetan Bhagat's, I promise! Inspiration? Inspiration.........

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do you even Remember me?

Remember the time we first met? I do. It was 15th of August.

Remember how afraid I was to talk to you that I kept my eyes on the ground counting my steps while you ran around with our friends and smiled all the way. That smile you wear try to keep all that sadness away.

Remember when you came up to me and asked me what I thought about you?

Remember how my mouth dropped open and no words came out? I do.

Irony, isn't it? We met on Independence day and ever since then I've been dependent on you.

Remember the next time we saw each other? The time at his house where you were standing on the couch and as I walked by, you hopped on my back and.....we fell!

Do you know I tried my best to put a smile while in pain. Just to see you smile back.

Remember when you first told me how you felt like you could tell me anything?

That's one thing I won't forget.

Remember the first time we held hands?

Do you know I was ready to burst? Do you know that I still think about that everyday?

Remember the time you forgot about me?

Do you remember the time I spilled my heart out to you?

Do you remember the time I saw you holding his hand?

Well, that's another thing I won't be able to forget.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Room number- 143

I've changed the television channel innumerable times for the past one hour. The desires were pushing me from inside. The desire to see her. I tried again by switching off the television and closing my eyes but all in vain. It has just been five hours when I last met her. Why would I be disturbing her again, I thought. But the urge of looking at her, seeing her laugh and caressing her killed my thought. I stood up, took the keys, locked my door and left.

The symbols on the wooden door had become familiar to my eyes. It is quite understandable as I was entering this room more than my room for the past one year. As I hold the cold door-knob through my right hand, turned it to the right, smiled as I pulled the door, carrying the dark chocolates in other hand.

The smell hit me as soon as I entered the room. Not a bad smell but the smell of flowers consisted of roses & white drapes which I bought earlier. They were put on a table near the window which was closed. I loved looking out of that window. The large trees right outside would sway like alive and happy.

I looked at the bed. Clean white sheets with red blanket over the top. Her favorite color.

She was asleep. Her frail body was rolled up with red blanket neatly to keep warm. I quickly came at the side of the bed and put the chocolates carefully at a place where it can be seen if she awoke. I smiled as I thought of her looking to those chocolates first when she opens up her eyes. It'll be a surprise which will make her happy. I just knew it.

My girl, Aaliya. How beautiful she is, I thought staring at her thin lips. I then thought of better days. Days before the test. Pressing those lips against mine, cutting off her complaints and arguments. Her eyes were brown, dark brown, shining away from those thick lashes. She was skinny before too. People would say she was too skinny. I say she was perfect. I wrap her around my arms as I gently kiss her, feeling a possibility of breaking her. A smile from her and  I could see white pearls flashing from behind those lips.

Her voice broke into my thoughts.

"Oh honey, you bought me my favorites", she said as she looked at those chocolates for a long. I quickly stood up, unwrapped the chocolate & bought couple of pieces in front of her. She ate it, closing her thin eyelids and smiling.

"Thank you so much", she said as I smiled and leaned over, kissed her forehead and inhaled that specific smell of her which I loved the most. She smiled again and put both her hands on my cheeks.

"when was the last time you- she paused for a moment to cough- shaved?" Now smiling but waiting for my reply as I mostly ignore this question for hers.
"I'm not sure", leaning down to rub my cheeks against her. She laughed once again as I told her that this laugh is one of the many reasons I'm here. Never ever stop laughing.

Just then the nurse erupt, throwing me a stern look, checked Aaliya's body temperature, gave her some medicine. She then put her hands on Aaliya's bald head and smiled to her.

"You're doing better lady. But you have to tell this young man that he can't come running here at three in the morning just to see you. This is way past visiting hours and way much frequently", she said giving me a curious look this time.

"Exceptions are always there. Can you please make an exception, just this time", I said, tried to look for the excuses I haven't made before.
"How many of those I've to make. I'm not paid enough for these social causes", she added.
"Just this time", I lied, adding a quick smile.
"This is the last I tell you", she said in a motherly tone, closed the door gently and left.

Aaliya giggled as she coughed again into her hands. I came close to her, laid down across the side of her bed as she find the place to put her side-face over my chest. Sometimes she help me with the excuses I've to give to that motherly-natured nurse. It was fun.

One year ago she had been diagnosed with leukemia. May 22, 2010. A day before her 23rd birthday. I still remember that day when I told her numerous time that everything will be okay just to realize now that everything will get worse as the cancer spread. I considered that day the worst of my life.

Those sharp, beautiful eyes looked as they were never got developed. They looked tired. The body became ice cold. Cheeks showing the bone more than the skin on it. The thin lips got thinner. Wrinkles all over the face of a 23 years old.

But she was still Aaliya. My Aaliya.

"You know what Aaliya, you look like a rockstar with that bald looks for yours. So Hawt! These days they all are going bald", I said smilingly and rubbing her cheek gently. She laughed again, choking and telling me to shut up. I pulled her as close as I could without damaging any equipment and kissed her forehead once more, she calmed down, her breathing and heart rate slowed. As she was asleep, clutching my t-shirt as she always does.

Young man? Wake up.

I opened my eyes, rubbed it and stood up quickly. I checked the clock and then, Aaliya to make sure she was breathing, which she was. It was quite strange that we slept for more than five hours. It never happened here before. I was more than happy to realize that she slept peacefully in my arms for five hours. That was a perfect slumber I've ever had and immediately I wished for more like these for me and Aaliya, together. I smiled a sigh of relief & looked at the nurse who woke me up.

"What's the matter?", I asked.
"The doctor is asking for you, he needs to have few words with you regarding Aaliya", she said as her voice was not motherly anymore but sympathetically low..

I quickly went to the room I've been told.

"Yes, doctor, I hope everything is Okay", I said
"I'm going to tell you this but you're not allowed to tell the lady. She might look strong but inside she ain't that strong. She is too weak. What I want you to do is to spend as much time as you can, with her. I'm really sorry, it spread too fast", said the doctor by wishing luck and left.

I see that nurse is looking and listening to this the whole while from the half open door. She was crying.

"No",  I said. "She is going to make it. I know that. She can't go", with that tears started flowing which I've no control upon. It shook my body.

"Stay strong young man, she is waking up, she needs you. You've to save the hope. Save some hope young man", she said as she tried to bring me back to my senses.

I went back to her. She was awoke as I sit near to her. I put my hands inside my pocket and took the small box near her.

"What's this", she asked curiously.

"Aaliya, Will you marry me".

I could see tears starting to show in her eyes as she looked at me.

"No", she said crying. "No, no, no, no, no, no.......crying all the way as she took the ring from my hand and put it at one corner of the table placed nearby.

"No, you deserve a wife that can have kids, who is healthy and strong, and can love you forever. I'm not strong enough. I'll die soon and if i don't, i know i won't last forever and longer".

"There is no one better for me than you", as I cut her words in between. I don't care if you're sick now, if you'll be sick forever, if you'd die now, I want you as my wife, now and forever and for the rest of my whole life. I don't and will not see anyone other than you as my wife. You are my life. you are my sweet Aaliya and you are all i'll ever want. And I want you to be mine forever. No matter if you're here or not. I can't even think of a moment without you", as I said with sobs and tears.

Minutes passed by as I wiped her tears and press down my face into bed sheet and wept. Few minutes later I regain my strength and looked at Aaliya. A smile came to my face when I saw that shinning ring looking beautiful on her ring finger. She wore it. Her hand was placed over her heart, but that heart was no longer beating.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In a Better World....

I’m a crybaby. I cry over everything & anything. My classmates tease me, slap me with no reasons. I couldn’t fight back. All I do is cry. I’m a little kid with big heart & sad eyes. I bite myself sometimes. I give myself pain to lessen the pain. Oh ! I’m a crybaby.

My family consisted of  Sana, my sister, little angel she is. I love her. My mother, who says we are her bastard Childs. We are useless & she doesn’t care. Most of the times I came home from school, coated in bruises. She doesn’t see me. She is busy in her prescription medication which loosely translates to as Drugs. A Father who long ago left us & preferred a life of Sex & drugs, to us. He left us for some chick named Lily. I hate the name Lily. He couldn’t even leave us for someone with a half decent name. I simply sat by & let him leave.

I screamed silently for the first time!

I could hear Sana most of the times, calling out my name loudly, when I get home. She’s a little angel. She’s not a cry kid. She didn’t care that her mother thought of her as bastard child. Our mother didn’t seem to accept the fact that we were her bastard child. She just looked upon us like we were some orphans, wanderers off the street. It didn’t matter to her that we had her blue eyes & brown hairs. We were nothing but ghosts.

I was lying on the bed at my home. It was a motel room which we called our home. A single bed where we three sleep, just once I guess, when my mother was unconscious, else Sana & I lay on the floor itself. Stained floor, dust lingered at every corner of the house. Insects, flies scuttled over half eaten food.

“Hey, little sissy! How was the day at school”? I asked.
“What is this”, touching a bluish flesh on my face, which was a bruise I got recently. Thanks to my classmates who continued hitting me at one place.
“Ahh..nothing. I fell at school. I’m fine”

The same old lies. I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t tell her that her brother has been kicked, slapped & punched various times. I couldn’t tell that his head had been hit many times, face smashed at lockers. Had his nails set on fire & books been flushed away. I couldn’t tell her. And worst of all, I couldn’t tell her that I hadn’t fought back. I hadn’t said a single fucking thing.

I screamed silently!

“Be careful sweetheart. I don’t want you to get hurt”, said Sana. I smiled & wrapped my arms around her as she showed me the paintings she made at school. She loved painting. I cheered, applauded & praised her. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to be smiling always. I had nothing to live for if she wasn’t happy.

But she was taken away from me so soon by some psycho, sick pervert. That fucking guy greeded her with dark chocolate. She loved dark chocolates. My mother left her alone in the park & went to fill her ‘prescription’. Hell she didn’t care.

Her body found lying behind trees.

Rope around her neck.

A moment of silence in my already quiet life. A bright light in my dark life had been taken away. Where was I? Probably sitting somewhere & grieving, for some time, than back to normal. Because I’m too weak to do anything.

Mother didn’t even cry. I’m sure she didn’t even know. For her, its one less ghost, a less stranger, a less bastard child.

First they thought they’d blame me for everything. He raped & killed his sister. He loved her. Show him the pictures. Show him the blood in her hairs, tightly closed fist & show him those helpless eyes. Bloody killer. Screw up the kid. Nothing he’s going to do about it. There is nothing a little cry kid could do but just sit & grieve.

I screamed silently.
I was broken. Thou the beatings stopped for a while but now it doesn’t matter. I was all alone, in my own world, where Sana still existed. But they came again, harder than ever. They saw pills in my hand, red lines around my wrists. They know I’m broken now they want me to be shattered. ‘Killer’, they shouted. “Faggot, imbecile bloody rapist, Die! You should Die!. I wanted to. I really wanted to. But I didn’t want to go alone. I’ve already spent most of my life alone. By then I made a decision. A Final decision.

School gates opened like gate to hell. I didn’t bother. No more weakness. Weakness it is which led my father left us. Weakness led my mother fell prey to pills. Weakness took Sana away. But no weakness anymore.

BANG goes the first one to hell. I didn’t know who it is.

BANG goes the second one. Screaming started all over.

BANG the third one. Red water dripping from the cold iron I held.

One more left. I screamed the loudest in my life.

BANG the fourth. One for every year Sana lived.

For every month I suffered without her. I've shown weakness that i'm not weak anymore. I would find her somewhere & would tell her that finally I've found a better world!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

55 Fiction :: Insult


There are two ways to insult a person. One is to sandwich an insult with two slices of praises. The other is to insult yourself first & then insult whoever you want. The idea is to make the insulted person feel a little better. But, if i've ever insulted you minus above two reasons, it means You Deserve It, said the trainer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

55 Fiction :: LUST


He hold her thighs & started kissing her belly button. Came close to her face, licked the neck, to the ears, & to the lips. He always thought her lips were the most juiciest thing on earth. Sudden knock on the door, two men entered with guns......................They were still kissing.

55 Fiction :: Black Day

Black Day

I always wanted to see Kashmir, Heaven on Earth....Standing at a dal lake-side & seeing this piece of cake made by God. What a Beauty ! Serene. Cold breezes kiss-passing. A sudden sharp sound blocking the ears, hot sensation all over the body....boom!

Heaven on Earth turned Crematory ground once again !

55 Fiction :::: Fate


Nick was a worrier. He worried about his health, his parents love him or not, whether people like him or not, his job, his girlfriend. The only thing he didn't worry about was his gas stove at home. Turned out it was the thing he should've worried about the most.

Friday, March 18, 2011

55 Fiction :::: A Phone Call

A Phone Call

"tell me your contact number again as i've lost my phone book", requested Rajan.


".....& Shalini's ?"

"Isn't my number enough? What you gonna do with my wife's number", joked Sameer.

"Offo.......planning to run away with her......happy?"

They both laughed loudly.


"Thanks man...", said Rajan....with two air-tickets clutched in his palms.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

55 Words (Fiction) :::: Hallucination


Hit with a cardiac arrest, he reached the phone to dial 911. The phone was dead. He prayed. No one to help. He cried, helpless. Unable to shout, his wife was in the kitchen, making his favorite dish for the dinner. Suddenly the phone rang. Nehal picked it up, switched off the T.V & left.

55 Words (Fiction) :::: That Woman

That Woman

She sits in the bus. Her lipstick maroon, her perfume sharp gin. She shares the seat with her bags. Her heels high. Her hairs jet black. She looks around for conversation. She smiles, lipstick on her teeth. Some avoid her gaze, others fall victim. Her accent post. Her story dramatic. Her bags empty.

55 Words (Fiction) :::: HAUNT


"I still remember your parents were so very happy when they got you", said his aunt.

The question that haunted inside him for 25 years had passed by his lips....

"Got, as in adopted ! ", he enquired.

"I'm so sorry son, i thought you knew".

In some ways, he always HAD !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Heart or the Brain !

There was this guy named Chuck. He was insane. Rathar a psycho. Tall, thin, long spike hairs, fair & a drug addict. Sometimes he talks to himself in front of the mirror. Senseless talkings. He talks to his organs. He talks to his hairs. He talks to the walls of his room. He talks to no one else. One day he decided not to talk to himself but rather be a good listener to what his organs had to say. He organized a competiton, kind of a debate. The contenstants were his brain & his heart. The prize was, whosoever will win the debate, will be treated very nicely for couple of months. The idea is to see who is more efficient, better & have more importance inside his said he was insane !!!
So he introduced the first contestant……please welcome ladies & gentlemen(refered to as other organs)…..the brain, yes …the mind….a round of applause ladies n gentlemen.
The next one is…..Heart…..let's have it for him guys !!

"Who the fuck is he? This is no competition at all. He will have a heart attack today", said the brain.
"A warm good evening to everyone", greeted the heart with a smile.
"You know you have increased your value today cos’ you are competing with me", taunted the brain.
"Dude, chill….take it easy, I’m the most important part of the body hence the most valuable", replied the heart.
"Most important part? R u kidding me fucker? You are the only reason 2.5 million people die every year. Getting attacks every now n then…..sometimes making poor people pay so much on your by pass surgeries… are fucking cost-consuming", said the brain.
"Well, you are one of the factor, making people think all the time…..useless things….stressing them out….results in high pressure of the blood….harming all the other organs with no reason at all", confirmed the heart.
"What rubbish ! I’m the one who tells what is right & what is wrong. I’m the one who makes the person active all the time, I make a person think of funny things to spread smiles all over, I let him say those beautiful words which spread love all over…..talking about useless… are useless", confirmed the brain.
"Who do you think incept the feelings of love, feelings of humour…its me dude ! What happen to you when our beautiful counterpart eyes see a gorgeous girl…..i try to create warm feelings, feelings of oneness, friendship & closeness…..but all of a sudden your dirty filthy thoughts starts to pour in & make testosterone flooding all over the body. And what happen at the end….with these filthy thoughts you make a fool out of a person", highlighted a strong point by the heart.
"First of all, its not always like this…but I agree to this fact cos’ I care for other counterparts in the body too….they need this kind of blood rushes now & then. How will you understand you illiterate emotional-fool…huh !!", replied the brain.....continuing....."Atleast my one night stands are far better than low-intense feelings you create which eventually results in broken relationships", said the brain. 
By the way, yours is a 72 beats per minute….what happen to you when suddenly something went wrong….something terrible…you start beating like an electronic drum. Almost killing a person then & there. Why don’t you take it easy?, why do you make life hell? & make a person coward? Any answer to that you little pumping-fucker !, questioned the brain.
Heart started feeling a little know....emotional fella !!

"It’s a warning… abilty to sense something wrong might be happening. A sense which u’ll never understand", said the heart. 
"Ofcourse I can’t understand ….cos’ its damn senseless", shouted the brain.

"I'm Loving it !! Ha ha !!", Chuck expressed.

"I’ve heard enough of bull-shit from you, I wont bear it any more. Lets talk sense now. As all of our body counterparts are listening to us, lets have a vote. Lets see how much good will you’ve made all these years & it’ll decide who wins", said the heart.

Now that's an interesting move made by the heart. Brain went for a deep thinking there. But the brain smiled, may be he has something in his mind, & said, "Yes, lets do the voting."

12 counterparts were selected who’ll be eligible for voting. Those 12 were eyes, ears, nose, tongueteeth, lips, hands, feets, artries, veins, liver, intestines.

Eyes voted brain & convinced ears & nose too. What a start brain got. 3-0. It was arteires who voted for heart first. Followed by liver & intestines. 3-3Hands went for the heart, whereas feets went for the brain. Now left were tongue, teeth, lips & veinsTongue said brain but teeth & lips said heart. 5-6. Heart is leading. What a situation! Left is veins, a close-counterpart of the heart. Brain was sure that veins will vote for heart & brain will lose so he immediately transmitted a message to veins that if you vote for me, I’l win & ask for a lesser work load for you as you work very hard in circulating & returning blood to heart & even against the gravitational force which asks for lot of hard work & arteries get all the credit. Veins come into a senseless-trap of the brain & voted for the brain. TIE it is. 6-6. Hell! What to do NOW !

Brain comes with a suggestion & said, "Lets take a last vote. Just from 1 person. And that 1 vote will end all the debate. The vote will be given my……Chuck himself." The heart agreed.

"Are you guys kidding? I’m the one who organized this debate. How can I choose one from you,  idiots?”, questioned chuck.
"See, I agree that you’ve organized this competition as you wana see who is of more importance. So have a deep thinking, think of all the good & bad times, who has done more good for you ……decide accordingly…..either me or brain", said the heart.
"Yes chuck….we will keep working as we were…there is no doubt in that but give a thumbs up to one of us", said the brain.
"What a situation you’ve put me into you crazy little fuckers, okay I’l choose one from you. BUT, you both have to sell yourself to me….tell me instances of yours, one by one, when you were good for me then I’l decide whom to choose. We will start with the heart", played interestingly by Chuck !
"You remember your graduation last year… examinations…..subject phycis…which you hated so badly….a night before the exam I told you to study & not depend on chits. I’m glad you listened to me & studied hard all night long & passed. Happy for you", said the heart.
"Yeaa I remember but how can you forget the next maths exams when I studied as per you recommendation but I was blank there & my brain did the right thing chits from others, copied & got passed", said Chuck.
Now it was brain's turn & he came up with this....
"You remember that bloody fat drug-dealer, who tried to gave you the fake material….you were so high that day…had someone given you a pinch of salt u would have taken it quickly thinking of as a cocaine but I was there for you mate, I made u remember that a friend of yours told that never take material before checking….specially with that dealer", explained the brain.
"Ohh yahh I remember…..i slapped him twice for playing foul with me….then only he gave good great weed BUT I still curse that day when heart told me thousand of times that don’t do drugs, don’t take it, you’l be addicted & will finish your life but you insisted me on trying it once & again….how right the heart was that day", grieved Chuck.

“ I know you’ll oppose both of us, no matter what. What do you want? Be Frank”, said the sensible Heart.

"I don’t know why but I feels that IFF(well, it refers to If & only If), the heart & the brain be friends, it’ll be so beneficial", said Chuck.

There are times when we think about something & our mind says "no" but our heart says "yes" or vice versa. Infact, it happens most of the times. Have we ever imagined what if both, our mind & our heart says to go with it Or deny it ! People talk about enthusiasm & confidence & positive thinking, how this trait begins? Its begins when both our heart & mind be together, they say about the same thing, & it work wonders. The most important thing is that it is in our hands to make them believe that what we are thinking & what we are doing is so correct( in given circumstances). When a person will start believing this, life will become so easy, fruitful & enjoyful. So make your mind & heart on same grounds, make them think similar, if a heart agrees then be positive & make the mind agree too & go for it, your work will be a wonder !!

A sudden ambulance noise broke the aura of debate between the heart & the mind.

Chuck has been grabbed by the white uniform people who are from a reputated hospital. Chuck was yelling n shouting n trying to get rid of them but after few seconds he broke free & let those hospitality guys took the charge, may be cos’ his brain & his heart became friends & started thinking on similar grounds & said just let go yourself, it’s in your benefit only cos’ rehab is a good thing when you’re an drug addict.

Its day time & a quiet guy chuck was forcibly been taken to rehab, a drop of tear flows through one of his friends eye. There were 6 of them & wishing him luck for his rehabilitation though they were only responsible to call the ambulance. May be cos’ they so much care about their friend Chuck.

9 months later !!

Chuck is a drug-free guy, he is a tutor by profession. Apart from giving tutions, he inspire young students to not believe in materialism but be spiritual & be friends with your heart & brain !!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brain Vs Woman

What a sunny day it was. Akash was waiting for his love in a lakeside restaurant with his brain & team, enjoying the super cool waves in the light sunlight to warm up the mood & thinking about the good times. There were smiles everywhere but it looks different on the face of Akash, sitting in a two-chair table, sipping a cold coffee & enjoying the nature.
"30 minutes late", his brain shouted at him, "Last time you were 5 mins. late & she had literally gobbled you up....remember??
"yeah yeah, " he said to his brain, "You know her brainy.....all moody & stuff....oh there she is...."
"Scold her okay", his brain advised.
"Ok I'll try."
Sweet Sheetal came with cutest smile & said "I'm sorry honey....i was shopping for shoes.....totally forgot about meeting, you know me na...."
"What if you had said that line buddy?" , shouted his brain....."she would have had nervous breakdown."
Akash ignored his brain....."Its ok honey....its only half n problem."
She smiled once again.....held his hand & asked "Hope you remember what occasion is today."
"Oh hell", thought Akash.
" database for reminder, anniversaries, silly anniversaries, birthdays & birthdays of people i don't care about."
Brain got into started delegating work to different parts......parallel processing....multiple search....complete memory scan !!

Sheetal stared at Akash, "Hello ! you've been staring at me for 2 mins. ok?"
"Huh !!" he said, "Oh nothing's wrong....was just lost in a thougt."
"No records found", said the brain.
"Damn", thought Akash.
"So what do we celebrate this day", asked Sheetal.
Akash is all confused...."ask her dumbo", said the brain.
"ok ok stop pushing me."
"Honey.... you know my lousy memory.....I guess i can't recall what today is"
"WHATTTTTTTTT !!", she shouted &....well, started crying.
"How can you forget !!....its my doggy's birthday"
"!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - a moment of silence.

His entire brain staff was laughing at him.
Akash was dumbfounded. " What the hell m i supposed to do know, christ", he asked his brain who was busy laughing at loud but at the same time trying to make his staff to stop laughing!
"Damaged control sequence initialized....don't worry our specialist will come back with a perfect line in this situation to make everything alright"
"Better do it fast, brainy."
The brain was working at 90% capacity....gathering & analyzing all data about "How to handle Women"
Finally an answer was computed & communicated to Akash.
He looked up to her, and said " Ofcourse i remember your doggy's can forget that sweet labrador's special day"
She looked up in utter surprise
"huh !!!!".....doggy is the name of my cat you jerk......crying, crying & crying.........

She stood up angrily & left !
Akash & his brain were left there clueless.

"Ah ! screw you guys, this is not done.....i'm going home", said his brain & left !!