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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Roll of Death

A Roll of Death-

(Part I)

Odd things come handy to eyes. An uncomfortable scene or a different picture grabs your eyes and attention. Something similar happened few minutes ago. She had one clutched in her palms. Pinkishness of her lips were holding a roll of paper which can turn them black, she never knew. She watched a small, yellow flame settled, and when the end of her cigarette glows she puts the lighter into her bag. Sucking all of it in and her cheeks pull it in so tightly, her bones looked like a scrawny chicken wings. Her eyes went closed and so deeply sunken into her forehead you can barely see them. And when she breathed out, her whole body shivered and I wondered Why? Pleasure? What kind of pleasure? It's hard to tell. Even though the live cigarette was beneath her lips, she was smiling. It was like she was getting a sweet taste of hard grey smoke. The dimples at the corner of her mouth were visible. The smoke-machine was placed in between her middle and index finger as she blows out a small cloud of grey smoke. She coughs!

One, twice....thrice!!

It became intense as she clutched her stomach and coughed. I thought she might get sick.


Finally it stopped, the coughing. And she was sucking on her cigarette again. Pleasure floating all over her face and settling somewhere in back of her eyes. But her eyes are closed. I closed mine, too. I was visualizing how the tar clinging to her lungs and slowly luring her to death. I see the smoke suppressing her heart, making the face look grayish black and enveloping it in grey dust. How something so small can do this much to you, I wondered. Its just two or may be three inches long. But actually its not the length but the matter inside it what matters, when burnt, can lessen the organs inside the body. Its practically Death In A Paper Roll. A Death, in a roll!

I opened my eyes and found her eyes were open too., and she was watching me. Our eyes locked as she was gazing me, took a slow drag and puffs out the smoke as if to my face. She was disgusted by me, and I by her. But that was how it should be. She quickly took another drag and threw the bud before puffing out the smoke inside her mouth. Throwing the cigarette bud looked to me as if her body was throwing her lungs out.

Suddenly she reached inside her bag and before I could turn my back on, a cigarette was in her hands again, a lighter was in the other. I closed my eyes after seeing the contents on her hands and started walking towards her as if my body got reflexed. Now faster, more faster untill I was there. Right beside her, so close that I can see stubble underneath her eyebrows where she was in need of another wax. She grinned, smirked.


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