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Monday, March 21, 2011

55 Fiction :: LUST


He hold her thighs & started kissing her belly button. Came close to her face, licked the neck, to the ears, & to the lips. He always thought her lips were the most juiciest thing on earth. Sudden knock on the door, two men entered with guns......................They were still kissing.

55 Fiction :: Black Day

Black Day

I always wanted to see Kashmir, Heaven on Earth....Standing at a dal lake-side & seeing this piece of cake made by God. What a Beauty ! Serene. Cold breezes kiss-passing. A sudden sharp sound blocking the ears, hot sensation all over the body....boom!

Heaven on Earth turned Crematory ground once again !

55 Fiction :::: Fate


Nick was a worrier. He worried about his health, his parents love him or not, whether people like him or not, his job, his girlfriend. The only thing he didn't worry about was his gas stove at home. Turned out it was the thing he should've worried about the most.

Friday, March 18, 2011

55 Fiction :::: A Phone Call

A Phone Call

"tell me your contact number again as i've lost my phone book", requested Rajan.


".....& Shalini's ?"

"Isn't my number enough? What you gonna do with my wife's number", joked Sameer.

"Offo.......planning to run away with her......happy?"

They both laughed loudly.


"Thanks man...", said Rajan....with two air-tickets clutched in his palms.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

55 Words (Fiction) :::: Hallucination


Hit with a cardiac arrest, he reached the phone to dial 911. The phone was dead. He prayed. No one to help. He cried, helpless. Unable to shout, his wife was in the kitchen, making his favorite dish for the dinner. Suddenly the phone rang. Nehal picked it up, switched off the T.V & left.

55 Words (Fiction) :::: That Woman

That Woman

She sits in the bus. Her lipstick maroon, her perfume sharp gin. She shares the seat with her bags. Her heels high. Her hairs jet black. She looks around for conversation. She smiles, lipstick on her teeth. Some avoid her gaze, others fall victim. Her accent post. Her story dramatic. Her bags empty.

55 Words (Fiction) :::: HAUNT


"I still remember your parents were so very happy when they got you", said his aunt.

The question that haunted inside him for 25 years had passed by his lips....

"Got, as in adopted ! ", he enquired.

"I'm so sorry son, i thought you knew".

In some ways, he always HAD !