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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do you even Remember me?

Remember the time we first met? I do. It was 15th of August.

Remember how afraid I was to talk to you that I kept my eyes on the ground counting my steps while you ran around with our friends and smiled all the way. That smile you wear try to keep all that sadness away.

Remember when you came up to me and asked me what I thought about you?

Remember how my mouth dropped open and no words came out? I do.

Irony, isn't it? We met on Independence day and ever since then I've been dependent on you.

Remember the next time we saw each other? The time at his house where you were standing on the couch and as I walked by, you hopped on my back and.....we fell!

Do you know I tried my best to put a smile while in pain. Just to see you smile back.

Remember when you first told me how you felt like you could tell me anything?

That's one thing I won't forget.

Remember the first time we held hands?

Do you know I was ready to burst? Do you know that I still think about that everyday?

Remember the time you forgot about me?

Do you remember the time I spilled my heart out to you?

Do you remember the time I saw you holding his hand?

Well, that's another thing I won't be able to forget.

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