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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happiness is a Choice!

The stall is 2 km away from my house. Some adrenaline rushes into my body when I merely think about having a cup of tea there. Still remember the first day, the first cup, the first change!

The air was cool. Fan was at it's highest speed. Sun shining at peak outside. First sip was cool, of-course it’s hot but in a way it was cool. Then the second, the third, the fourth. Now the poison started to show it's intensity. Eyes went blur. Couple of guys sitting besides. I could see them but couldn’t hear. I could hear the traffic outside but couldn’t see it. I could hear the different kind of horns, and associate them with people. They all were running. Running for their destination, some running home, some running to their office or somewhere else. Everyone  was running. In a hurry, losing time but the speed of time is same for everyone. But I realized that this noise of traffic don’t bother me anymore. Someone must be crying somewhere, some is laughing their heart out at the same time, life goes on! The aura was suddenly getting diminished. I quickly took another couple of sips. And again I was not alone anymore.

The clear blue sky with little white clouds, chirping of birds rushing for their food, swaying of trees, all were under my sight.  I felt so close to nature while sitting inside that tea stall. It was just beautiful. I don’t want to go back to my world. The world where lies are told as a universal truth, where running away from your responsibilities is dominated by some amusing excuses, where money is considered everything for majority of the people. The list is too long.

Suddenly the retina of my eyes went crystal clear. Now I could listen to what people on the table besides me, talking. I could see a big traffic jam outside. And it was then I knew I needed another couple of sips. 

Such an amazing feeling one could only dream of. I considered myself lucky to have experienced it. Avalanche  of thoughts running into my mind have generated a smile while I was looking outside. A smile of assurance that I’ve found a place where you come and go straight to heaven for a while or may be much more than that. Where only love resides, smile besides and  you get happiness of every size. I realized the intensity of the poison got doubled as the tea is about to end. 

Finally took the last sip. It was a little warm as compared to hot sips before. But the taste was same. Simply perfect! I stood up with a little smile. Really wanted to see the man who’ve made all this possible, who’ve made this change in me today. He looked fat. 50-55 yrs of age. Watching television which he has fixed in a small box fixed to the wall in front of him. Some daily soap may be. While smiling he looked at me. I didn’t ask the cost of that tea which I drank, for much obvious reason, but he demanded. While giving the said amount I looked up for a shop name or something but there were only two rates mentioned. And then I realized that it was not just another cup of tea but they call it as a ‘Special Ghota’. Indeed, it was special! He smiled. I reverted. As if we both knew that i was leaving with such a peace in me but it'll not last. The happiness will not last, sorrow never did. But we know that a life has been lived in that moment of happiness. And I turned back with a promise that I’ll come back here again & went away. Now I’m a part of that traffic, but with a change!

Happiness do comes in small packages. Enjoy the moment which deserves to be enjoyed!

P.S. The tea stall is located at New colony, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. :)

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